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      Company Introduction

      Linyi Tianhe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the research and development, production, sales, and service of medical devices.

      Our company mainly engages in the research and production of Class I and Class II medical equipment, as well as fitness equipment; Hiring experts from higher education institutions such as Beijing and Jinan to guide the research and development, upgrading, and achieving numerous results in corresponding rehabilitation equipment and medical devices.

      The main products we operate include adult rehabilitation equipment, middle-aged and elderly products, children's rehabilitation equipment, etc. Linyi Tianhe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on technological innovation and focuses on the production of medical devices as its core business. We are rapidly growing into a technology-based enterprise with comprehensive strength, with the concept of quality service, open cooperation, and facing difficulties. Our goal is to unite, pragmatically practice, and create a better future for Tianhe Medical, Striving forward towards the world.

      Our company has many years of experience in import and export foreign trade, and has established trade relations with countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Currently, our main export products include aging friendly products, physical therapy products, and rehabilitation products.

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